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Introducing our law firm



Not just any law firm.

Our boutique law firm offers a welcome alternative to the impersonal services of large law firms. Because we limit our areas of practice, we are able to offer a unique, one-on-one legal experience that will reward you as the client with both attention to detail and excellent results.


You will at once feel the masterful care and professionalism we provide to each and every client. You will be counseled about the law as it pertains to your specific case in a way that is understandable and realistic. At Gray Newell Thomas, we will provide the exceptional legal service that you need not only to fight, but win!

Practice Areas


Employment Law

The workplace is regulated by laws and statutes that prohibit various conduct. From wrongful termination to retaliation to workers’ compensation to unemployment benefits and discrimination, we can handle it all.


Real Estate

Whether you’re purchasing a home or commercial office building, we have the experience to close the deal for you!


Arbitration/ Mediation

When agreements require arbitration or mediation, we have the years of experience and skill to provide the results you want.


Civil Litigation

Negligence claims related to personal injury, wrongful death and malpractice against healthcare providers and facilities.


Trademark Law

We guide our clients through the complexities of gaining Trademark Registration with the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

Our Partners


When you feel you are at a crossroad, before you make a decision - 

Know Your Rights!

Knowledge is Power!

Angela N. Gray

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